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Today's (28th August 2018) Daily Horoscope: Tips to bring happiness in your married life

Stardust advises, "make sure you get some peace and quiet, allowing yourself down time to recharge your batteries, after a Summer of working hard." Things are looking career-oriented for you Scorpio. Stardust tells Bustle, "friends may help you with networking for your career. Go out with your crew and connect with others who will be beneficial to your future, as they can help enhance your career goals." Combine socializing and work goals for a seriously fun and productive after work drink date. Don't just polish your brand new desk plaque all day. Yes, that hard earned job title is great but don't get caught up watching the congratulations notifications roll in on LinkedIn. Stardust says, "a new position at work will leave you in a place of power, which may soothe your ego. Try not to let it go to your head, remember, you have to work hard to prove you are worthy of your new position." Expect to get a little more ~in touch~ with yourself. Stardust says, "a new spiritual understanding will give you a new lease on life, allowing you to act more spontaneous and enjoy the fruits of your labors." This could be a very adventurous autumn for you, Capricorn! It's easy to give, give, give when you're a caring Aquarius. Just be sure that you have boundaries. It'll help when someone is taking too much from your heart bank.

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