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Hidden ingredients in many protein powders that could put your health at risk. - WXYZ.com

At Vega the trust and safety of our consumers is our top priority. Plants absorb naturally occurring minerals from the soil which can be reflected in the final product. Our robust Quality Assurance programs ensure our products are compliant with our own rigorous internal standards, as well as all government regulations.  We are proud that Vega products are made with only real, whole food plant-based ingredients condensed into one nutrient-dense scoop. No artificial or synthetic ingredients are used in our products.  We have not seen the raw data on which Clean Label Project based their report, or the full methodology they used, so we can’t comment on this particular report at this point in time. We however want to reassure our consumers that we test every single lot of Vega protein to ensure our products are safe, compliant and nutrient-dense, and meet our high quality standards. Purely Inspired released the following statement in part: “Our Organic Protein fully meets federal food standards, as outlined by the FDA in the Federal Register, and the National Organic Program (NOP) standards as outlined by the USDA. To comply with the NOP standards, our product must only be manufactured with approved ingredients, and cannot contain any amounts of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or antibiotics. Our products also have earned the Non-GMO seal, which means not a single ingredient we put into our products is genetically modified. Sunwarrior released the following statement: Heavy metals are naturally occurring in many fruits and vegetables that grow in the ground.  Because of this, plant-based protein powders will always have traceable amounts of heavy metals in them, particularly when compared with whey proteins.  That said, we want to make sure this concept is not blown out of proportion.  When comparing the heavy metals found in Sunwarrior protein powders to real, whole vegetables and fruits, the Cadmium found in Sunwarrior is 76% less than a cup of spinach, the Lead found in Sunwarrior is 68% less than an average size avocado, and the Arsenic found in Sunwarrior is 47% less than an average size peach. Because our proteins come entirely from organic plants, we will never be able to fully eradicate heavy metals in our supplements.  And the same thing holds true for our competitors in the plant-based protein space.  But rest assured, Sunwarrior takes great pride in knowing and thoroughly vetting our sources to produce quality proteins that are not only safe to consume by EU, FDA and WHO standards, but are also Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified.

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